Ship Cannon Kits


Here we have cannon kits in multiple configurations for many ship types. They are displayed in the amount of offensive units you require. Example a 5 Unit ship would typically require a 4 unit cannon kit leaving 1 unit for the ships bulge pump.

These kits now include a Multi-board Controller, and Solenoids to operate the cannons.


Each cannon kit comes with a standard set of fittings, and equipment. These vary from kit to kit as they are determined by the number of cannons in each kit.  


Each Kit includes:

1 ) Multi-C or B Control Board

1 ) MNV-1K Valve

1 ) "X" Fitting

2 ) Plugs

1 ) 1/8" Quick Disconnect

4 Ft of 1/8" ID Hose

For Each Cannon, a Kit includes:

1 ) .5, 1, or 1.5 cannon

1 ) 6VLT, 10/32, Solenoid

1 ) "T" Fitting

1 ) Plug

2 ) 1/8" Barbs

1 ) 1/16" Barb

2 ) 1/8" Hose Clamps

2 ) 1/16" Hose Clamps

1 Ft 1/8" ID Hose

2 Ft 1/16" ID Hose

*** These parts should be enough to outfit a typical ship in it's class. So look over the list, and be sure to order any additional parts you may need for your specific set-up, as we can not list a kit for each and every way there is to outfit a ship.