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 Partly a replacement for the over-age Omaha class, partly to act as a destroyer leader, the little atlanta class cruisers were unique in US naval practice. Indeed, thier closest relations were slightly earlier, slightly small British Dido class, which also shared thier elegant and rather fragile appearance. it was finally as a close escort to a battle line, to defend it against aircraft and destoyer attack, that the Atlantas had thier genesis. A new, light weight 6-in dual purpose gun was proving difficult to develop, so the ships were given a uniform armament of the well proven 5-in 38, albeit in twin gunhouse that itself was new but which was to prove the basis for hundreds that armed vessels from battleships to destroyers.


Model Specifications:

  • Model Length: 45.17in
  • Model Beam: 4.42in
  • Model Max Weight: 9.08lbs
  • Number In Class: 8
  • Battle Units: 2.5
  • Rudders: 1
  • Props: 2
  • Speed: 22 Second
  • Main Turrets: 8

Option Items Description:

  • Ship Kit: Option Not Available
  • Hull Kit:Includes fiberglass hull, resin main turrets, and detailed plans 
  • Hull Only: Contains Fiberglass Hull

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  1. Great Hull! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 7th 2017

    This hull is well engineered, perfectly symmetric, and thick enough to take punishment. In cross section, the bilge curve has been extended to almost a point making a semi flat hull. This allows the hull to easily carry the 9.08 pounds allowed under IRC rules.

HL541 Hull Only