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DKM Bismarck is one of the most famous warships of World War II. At approximately 45,000 tons, Bismarck and Tirpitz were also the largest ships of the Kreigsmarine. Despite its large size, Bismarck's career was short - only lasting 1 mission. During Operation Rheinburg, Bismarck sunk HMS Hood. However she was damaged in the battle and headed to France for repairs. The Admiralty threw everything they had at Bismarck. A flight of Swordfish flying off Ark Royal damaged Bismarck's rudder, and Bismarck's fate was sealed...

Check out www.bismarck-class.dk for tech specs and a detailed history of this famous battleship.


Model Specifications:

  • Model Length: 68.3in
  • Model Beam: 9.8in
  • Model Max Weight: 41.0Lbs
  • Number In Class: 2
  • Battle Units: 6.5
  • Rudders: 2
  • Props: 3
  • Speed: 24 Second
  • Main Turrets: 4

Option Items Description:

  • Ship Kit: Option Not Available
  • Hull Kit: Includes fiberglass hull, resin AA turrets, and detailed plans 
  • Hull Only: Contains Fiberglass Hull

Product Reviews

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  1. good bismark hull 4 Star Review

    Posted by on May 19th 2019

    So after a bit of a delay on the hull I recieved it in good shape. When i unboxed it the hull was for the most part in great shape. The hull had great thickness to it and looked well made. The only flaw i saw on it was at the very forward edge there was damage to the fiberglass. Nothing devastating, there was just a decent size chip on the edge. I am however still awaiting the 2 secondary turrets that should have been with the kit but were still being molded.

  2. Should have started here... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 24th 2016

    I spent a long time trying to build my own hull. I was worried about the quality and survivability of a commercial hull. I should have just started here! The BatCon Bismarck hull is gorgeous! The photos they have do not do it justice. The seams were sanded and matched to perfection. I have yet to find a single place on the hull where the thickness is more than 1/100" off of spec. This is a very high quality hull and I am very proud to build my ship around it.

HL940 Hull Only