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Product Description


In Europe destroyer construction went in two opposite directions, sparked by the naval limitation treaties of the 1920's and 1930's. The French, impressed by the German S-113 (which they seized as a war reparation), built a series of large "super-destroyers." These were to continue the original destroyer concept and serve as a "destroyer of destroyers." By the late 1930's this concept culminated in the Mogador class - over 4,000 tons displacement, with eight 5.5-inch guns in twin turrets and ten torpedo tubes. They were more powerful, though less sturdy, than the British Arethusa-class light cruisers built at about the same time (six six-inch guns, six torpedo tubes, 6,700 tons). During World War Two American and British reports always called the giant French destroyers "light cruisers."


Model Specifications:

  • Model Length: 37.58in
  • Model Beam: 3.5in
  • Model Max Weight: 4.526Lbs
  • Number In Class: 2
  • Battle Units: 1.5
  • Rudders: 1
  • Props: 2
  • Speed: 21 Second
  • Main Turrets: 4

Option Items Description:

  • Ship Kit: Includes fiberglass hull, resin main turrets, deck kit, and detailed plans
  • Hull Kit:  Includes fiberglass hull, resin main turrets, and detailed plans 
  • Hull Only: Contains Fiberglass Hull

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HL451 Hull Only