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Product Description

Get rid of all the spaghetti mess of wires!!! With the all NEW Multi-XP. This little compact jewel will reduce your wiring confusion and over all weight with simple plug and play modular capabilities.

 Designed by the BC team to include these standard functions

  • 6 channel RX end pin direct connect(RX sold separately, For Lemon RX or many others with similar channel configuration)
  • 4 quadrants firing circuits
  • Multi-XP allows leeway by allowing up to 4 ESC's for 2 drive and 2 pump systems (Up to 5 ESCs can be used with separate "Y" servo lead to that channel).
  • Selectable by solder bridge your RX power can be used by your favorite ESC's BEC circuit, or use of ships unregulated main power to power only RX and rudder servo.
  • First ever selectable firing circuit power via solder bridge to use ships main power or an external power source even if you want a different voltage for solenoids.
  • Compact Size 2.74"W x 2.25" T
  • Maximum input voltage 15vdc
  • Maximum Buss current rating 90Amps
  • (2) Dual firing circuits built in for 4 position coverage. *Max continuous current: 5 amps per channel, Peak Amp: 9 (for 10 seconds),
  • Built in fly back diodes per channel
  • (1) XT90 connector for bussed input power
  • (5) XT60 connectors for output power connections for multiple configurations of ESC(s) and/or other circuits.
  • (1) XT30 T-SW connector output power (Example of use power for test switches)
  • (1) XT30 CNPR connector for external solenoid power
  • (1) RX unregulated supply power via solder jumper(J1)
  • (1) Solenoid power selection solder jumper(J2)
  • Main circuit power activation LED(Green)
  • Firing (solenoid) activation LEDS(Red)
  • 6 Channel socket for RX in end pin configuration (Multiple brand 6ch RX will work verify pin orientation)
  • Built in failsafe if loss of RX/TX signal
Kit Contents:
  • (1) Multi-XP Controller Pre-Assembled and Function Tested
  • (5) XT60 Connector halves
  • (6) XT30 Connector halves
  • (1) XT90 Connector halve

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