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Product Description


By far the largest Battleship of WW II. With a maximum displacement of 71659 tons was the Yamato class Battleship, she was also the heaviest armed and armoured of all battleships. This great ship was built in complete secrecy and it was not until very late in the war that it was found out how large and powerful she really was.


Model Specifications:

  • Model Length: 71.92in
  • Model Beam: 10.67in
  • Model Max Weight: 59.13Lbs
  • Number In Class: 2
  • Battle Units: 6
  • Rudders: 2
  • Speed: 24 Second
  • Main Turrets: 3

Option Items Description:

  • Ship Kit: Option not available
  • Hull Kit: Includes fiberglass hull, fiberglass main turrets, resin secondary and AA turrets, and detailed plans 
  • Hull Only: Contains Fiberglass Hull

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HL863 Hull Only